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Thanks for coming!
If you have a twitch account, you can follow me to see when I stream and stuff.
Mirror by Mama-Moose
Long overdue Art-trade, like way overdue for the patient :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono:

I drew her character Sayuri Ukitake, at first I was going to draw Aizen x Sayuri and I did. I sketched it twice but the first file looked awful so I redrew it and the second one was deleted when I lost all my work on my last laptop. So that was fun.

I decided to draw Sayuri of her past or present look and in the mirror is her future look?
At first I wasn't sure why I drew this but maybe, it's a way of saying that Sayuri isn't ready for change or she's having such a hard time accepting change. Having her back facing the mirror instead of facing it. Like when Aizen betrayed them, it took a impact on her because she loved him. Hence why she's crying and has her hand over her heart. It was hard for her.
I'm not completely sure but I like Sayuri's profile, she's a interesting and beautiful character in my opinion.
I wanted this drawing to focus more on her.

Hope you like it ;u;
I even added a little animation here:… (If you guys can see it)
Nothing too big really, could've made it longer and better but everything kept crashing on me ffff

Sayuri (c) Miyuki-Tsukiyono
75% dumb Yeeeeeeeeaaah!

No surprise, but hey, human right? We have our flaws XD
I laugh at my own all the time because it's funny. Sometimes we should laugh and not care what anyone says because it happens to all of us.

Stolen from Jillmeru


1. [x] You have choked on water before. (Choked from rice, choked from air)
2. [x] You have tripped down the stairs before. (It's been a while though)
3. [x] You have walked into a door. (Thought I opened the door once and when I tried to push I just ran into the door instead. Fun times XDD)
4. [x] You have pushed a door the wrong way. (TOO MANY TIMES. WHICH IS PUSH AND WHICH IS PULL OMG)
5. [x] You have walked into a wall. (Walls, poles, people. You name it)
6. [x] You have fallen going UP the stairs. (During fall and winter when I wear pants....I trip on them....a lot :'I )
7. [] You have jumped off stairs and hit your head on whatever was above them.
8. [x] You have been electrocuted by a light-switch or an outlet. (One time my thumb got so purple I got so scared I was going to loose my thumb or something)
9. [x] You have put metal/aluminum in the microwave. (.......Does putting a frozen caprisun in the microwave count?)
10. [x] Right after a commercial comes on you forgot the show you were watching.
11. [x] You have forgotten something that someone said. (Mom tells me to do something as I'm going upstairs, I soon forget as I get to my room sometimes)
12. [x] You sometimes don't understand sayings / jokes, and it takes a long time to figure them out.
14. [] You have been bleeding and not even noticed it.
15. [x] You've worn something backwards / inside out the whole day without knowing. (for half the day I did wear a shirt backwards and I almost went to college in slippers sooo yeah)
16. [ ] You have stuck a fork / knife in a toaster before.
17. [] You have played with fire.

18. [x] You've tripped over your own shoelace.
19. [x] You didn't even notice there wasn't a number 13 in this quiz. (I was focusing more on the questions then the numbers >:I)
20. [x] You just checked to see if there wasn't a number 13. 
0% - 0/20 xs.
5% - 1/20 xs.
10% - 2/20 xs.
15% - 3/20 xs.
20% - 4/20 xs.
25% - 5/20 xs.
30% - 6/20 xs.
35% - 7/20 xs.
40% - 8/20 xs.
45% - 9/20 xs.
50% - 10/20 xs.
55% - 11/20 xs.
60% - 12/20 xs.
65% - 13/20 xs.
70% - 14/20 xs.
75% - 15/20 xs.
80% - 16/20 xs.
85% - 17/20 xs.
90% - 18/20 xs.
95% - 19/20 xs.
100% - 20/20 xs
So, it was actually yesterday that I started my one week vacation. Finished the quarter on Saturday, and I think I passed all my class or atleast I hope so.

Though I gotta say, and I've said it a millions times...these past eleven weeks was the worst. I've said the quarters before this were bad but this one was horrible and I know I wasn't the only one.
To all the stress I've had because of the massive work, to my good tablet breaking and having to get a new one, one of my dogs that was in the family for almost 15 years passed away and just other things at home that I had deal with.
I've never been so frustrated, sad and angry in my life and I hope this doesn't happen again. I'm glad it's over.

I'm feeling better and I'm getting into my drawing zone again. Trying to get art I owe done or half done.
It's only one week of break, so I can't promise much things will be done because I also want to relax.
Thanks for coming!
If you have a twitch account, you can follow me to see when I stream and stuff.

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